This is extremely valuable when dealing

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Scarf rings are simple yet an essential item to a classic girl’s wardrobe. They take scarves from boring to fabulous. There
are many different types of scarf rings available but I prefer the “chaine d’ancre.” The “chaine d’ancre” is a French term
meaning “anchor chain”. The term “anchor chain” is very meaningful in terms of what the ring does: it helps to anchor your
scarf so that you can create beautiful knots without using much of the fabric to secure the knot, which actually helps to
keep your scarf looking freshly pressed. There are moments where I am ready to head out the door and I go to put on your new
favorite scarf and yet it is wrinkled and doesn’t look “fresh” and clean. This is when this accessory is so crucial as it is
the “anchor” of the knot and doesn’t create the deep creases that occur when you tie a knot in your scarf. After I started
using my scarf ring, my scarf always looked fresh without much upkeep. This is extremely valuable when dealing with vintage
and delicate scarves.

Scarf rings will also give you many more knots and designs to try without having to buy a new scarf. You can use smaller
scarves to create more complex knots and create more interest with your scarves. Scarf accessories are a classic piece in any
wardrobe and can be used for more than just scarves. I also like to use my buffalo horn ring as a piece of jewellery. It is
well polished and smooth and looks great on a necklace.

Furthermore, the “chaine d’ancre” design is not just used as a scarf accessory. You will also notice it is the inspiration
behind many designs including fine china, fine jewellery, and even for scarf patterns.